FOCUS: A Blueprint for a Happier Life

~Helping you help yourself~

Everyone wants to be happy.

It may be the single most-important yearning beyond the basic needs of food, companionship and shelter.

Trouble is not many people seem to know how to be happy. They think happiness comes from having lots of stuff: lots of money, a big house, a fancy car, a high-powered job, the perfect wardrobe, a fantastic body.

You only have to look at the smiling face of someone who's just lost everything to know happiness has nothing to do with material possessions or physical perfection.

Synthesis is the coming together of many parts into a whole. You have seen here how the body, community, mind and spirit can affect how you feel, but the FOCUS Blueprint system will take you beyond that, into having the life you want, something that is different for each different person, just because you choose what's right for you...


FOCUS daily and...
Make good choices
Take care of your body
Get along in your community
Clear your mind
Connect with your spirit
Experience synthesis
Stay on track

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"I know a hundred women who would love and identify with this!"
N. Pelletier, Massachusetts

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