FOCUS: A Blueprint for a Happier Life

~Helping you help yourself~

Life is chaotic.

We long for certainty, balance. We seek safety. So we split ourselves into groups: "Us" and "Them."

We judge and condemn. The next thing we know, we're feeling negative toward others because they're different from us. We're unhappy because everyone can't agree with us, be LIKE us. The lens we look through grows cloudy, distorted.

This is a no-win situation because even as you label those outside your group, you're being labeled by their groups. The only way to stop this is to ...

  1. accept that only you can know yourself, and no one has the right to label you because:

    • labels are limiting, boxing-in things,
    • differences are healthy signs of individuality, and
    • healthy love is complete acceptance, tolerance and forgiveness;

  2. let go of the need for sameness;
  3. don't label others yourself; and
  4. correct others when you catch them doing it.

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When you shift your FOCUS from condemnation to forgiveness, you free yourself from negative thoughts and you free others from the impact of those negative thoughts

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