FOCUS: A Blueprint for a Happier Life

~Helping you help yourself~

 It happens so fast: Every day you wake up and, whether you mean to or not, you rapidly make choices. You choose how to feel, what to think, how much to think, what to do, when to do it, why to do it, how to act. The list is endless.

 Pretty soon, you're busily going in every direction, but you finish your day without accomplishing what you really wanted to get done. Somewhere along the line, what you think you're choosing is not what you're getting. The life you're living may not even be the life you want.

 Maybe you're living in the wrong place. Maybe you have the wrong job. Maybe you're in the wrong relationship. Maybe your life just feels out of control.

 Whether it's one thing or everything, you're at the center of it, and you're not happy.

 What's the answer? Happiness, having the life you truly want to live, is indeed a matter of choice.
The Focus: A Blueprint to Happiness ebook will empower you to choose well instead of badly.


FOCUS daily and...
Make good choices
Take care of your body
Get along in your community
Clear your mind
Connect with your spirit
Experience synthesis
Stay on track

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"I am glad you have chosen to share your wisdom and your heart with people; it all shines through in the words of FOCUS."
P. Dyess, Florida

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